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How Do I Sell My Philadelphia Land To A Developer? (We Have The Answers)

How Do I Sell My Philadelphia Land To A Developer? How Do I Sell My Philadelphia Land To A Developer? Owning land is pretty easy – it rarely takes a lot of effort. But when you want to sell, that can be a different story. Do you own landing and are wondering, “How do I […]

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Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing in Philadelphia

Active vs. passive real estate Investing in Philadelphia is different than other types of investment opportunities. When you invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and other types of securities, typically you will work with a broker who will collaborate with you to choose the best opportunities that will provide the type of payout you want. You […]

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Turn-Key Real Estate Investing In Philadelphia PA – What Is It?

Let’s talk about turn-key real estate investing in Philadelphia PA. First, there are many ways to invest your hard earned money. You can choose to take your chances with the stock market or buying and selling gold, futures contracts and other commodities. Given the current upswing in the economy, these might be good choices, at […]

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Do These Things Before Selling Your House In Philadelphia

It is no secret that selling a house in Philadelphia can be one of the biggest transactions to a number of homeowners. However, before you start marketing your house and bringing potential buyers into it… there are a few things you should do, that we’ve learned over the years here at 4k Properties, to help increase […]

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How To Find A Good Real Estate Agent In Philadelphia – Investor Friendly!

Hiring a real estate agent in Philadelphia can be frustrating. So what are the steps on how to find a good real estate agent in Philadelphia? Many local large real estate brokers will spend thousands of dollars each month to ensure that their agents are the most visible, whether it be online, in the Yellow Pages, […]

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